Beckett: An Open Letter to The Millennial’s Elders

As a self-aware and introspective Millennial, I concede there are many problems within my generation. There is rampant narcissism and an overdeveloped sense of self-entitlement. But are the older generations any different? Are these characteristics totally lacking within your own generation? Millennials are next in line for leadership in this country. Older generations: instead of telling us how bad we are, how about you start encouraging us and continue leading us?

I have met a copious amount of intellectual Millennials who know how to think for themselves and respect the wisdom of their elders. I always go to my elders when I need advice for something I’ve never experienced before or when I’m not quite sure what to do. Yet some of our elders are convinced we are burning this country to the ground. Sirs and mesdames, let not the narcissistic, unintellectual youths you see rioting in the streets represent the totality of Millennials in your mind’s eye. There are Millennials like myself who yearn for God’s truth, and when you slander us for not being like your generation, it is discouraging. We know the problems within our own generation; you need not remind us.

The last thing our generation needs is to be leaderless. You can complain all you want about our generation, but what are you doing to lead us into biblical truth and godly principles one Millennial at a time? Don’t leave us to figure it out on our own, because we can’t. We need you. We need your wisdom, your advice, and your guidance from your vast experiences. This does not mean we need you to tell us how it was done in your days, because those days are over and culture is rapidly changing. What we need is for you to discipline us in the Lord, encourage us with the Gospel, and comfort us in our struggles.

If you truly want to leave this world knowing your children and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren will still be well in this world before our Lord’s return, then please fulfil your duty by leading us. We might say we know it all, but don’t believe us. We don’t know what we’re talking about! Don’t believe the lie we tell ourselves that it’s better to suppress the truth than be offended. Tell us the truth, even if it hurts us. My father was never afraid to call me out on my rubbish, tell me the truth, and thereby set me straight. Of course, it hurt at the time because no one likes being told they’re fallible, but I today I am certainly glad for his leadership.

Don’t give up on us. Giving up on the generation to lead the world after you’re gone is the last thing we need; it is the last thing the world needs. 

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