Beckett: Beatitudes – Blessed Are the Gentle

Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.”

The meek are kindhearted, soft-spoken, caring, and compassionate people. This is a mirror image of Christ, and so we shall reign with Him and inherit the new heavens and new earth after our bodies are resurrected on the Last Day (Revelation 20:6). The Christian is called to be gentle as Jesus was gentle—humble, considerate, and non-judgemental (aside from righteous judgement). Such meek Christians shall inherit the earth.

In his commentary, Luther writes, “Let every one learn for himself that he be mild towards everybody, that is, not to deal with and treat his neighbor unreasonably, with a hateful or revengeful spirit, like those who rush through headlong, never willing to bear anything or yield an inch, but turning the world upside down, never listening to anybody or excusing him for anything, but pile on the bundles at once and never stop to think, only how they may take vengeance and strike back again” (43). To be meek is to go against the ordinary practises of the world—to treat our neighbour kindly even when we are wronged, not to be vengeful even when we are harmed, and so on. Luther continues:

Therefore choose one of the two, whichever you please: either to live with meekness and patience among the people and keep what you have with peace and a good conscience, or with racket and rumpus to lose your own, and besides have no peace. For this is settled, the meek shall inherit the earth… But if you want to live rightly and have rest, then let your neighbor’s malice and hostility smother and extinguish itself; otherwise you cannot better please the devil, or more greatly harm yourself, than by getting up an angry racket.


Luther, Martin. Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, translated by Charles A. Hay. Philadelphia: Lutheran Publication Society, 1892.

Source used from Logos 7 Software.

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