Beckett: Poetry – No. 2213, In God I Trust

Based on Psalm 56.

Be gracious to me, O my God,
for much of man tramples on me.
They attack me all the day long,
attacking in their prideful glee.
But when I am so thus attacked,
I put my soul’s trust in Thee.

Thou art the God whose Word I praise;
and thus, I am not so afraid.
What can fleshly men do to me
when Thou art my rock and my shade?
All day they spit their evil words,
but Thy Word is my crusade.

They wait for me to trip and fall
so that they may ruin my life.
Shall they escape Thy judgement, Lord?
Nay, for with evil they are rife.
All my enemies shall turn back,
for Thou take note of my strife.

They run far, for Thou art with me.
Thou art the God whose Word I praise, —
my Lord in whom I place my trust.
Therefore, I shall not be afraid.
What can fleshly men do to me?
Yes, they may take my earthly life,
but I, the Lord God shall raise.

Therefore, I keep my vows to Thee, —
I render praises to Thy name,
for Thou hast raised my soul from death
and I walk this earth free of shame.
I am raised in Thy light of life,
in Christ cleared of all my blame.

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