An Open Letter to The Millennial’s Elders

As a self-aware and introspective Millennial, I concede there are many problems within my generation. There is rampant narcissism and an overdeveloped sense of self-entitlement. But are the older generations any different? Are these characteristics totally lacking within your own generation? Millennials are next in line for leadership in this country. Older generations: instead of […]

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Let’s Stop Talking about Race

As your typical Millennial, I am heavily engaged in social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of seeing all these posts about racism. One side condemns the alt-right white supremacists, the other side condemns Antifa, and yet another side condemns both, for they are […]

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The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father

While the Lord’s prayer is a well-known part of a church service, I sometimes wonder if there is a lack of intentionality and consideration in the recitation of the Prayer. While listening to others say it, and even noting my shame as my thoughts wander sometimes, I often ask myself if people consider what they […]

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Godly Integrity

As part of my daily life, I try to practise my Hebrew translation skills by translating certain Hebrew texts into English. Lately I’ve been working on the Joseph narrative. In a recent translation I did, something struck me as I was translating it. This seems to happen a lot when I translate the text from […]

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“Here I Am!”

I’ve read the account of Paul’s conversion dozens of times, and every time I read it, I’m always struck by Paul’s/Saul’s statement, “Who are you, Lord” (Acts 9:5)? Jesus appeared to Paul, and he didn’t know who it was, so how did he have the sense to call Him Lord? In the commentary section, the […]

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