Greater Love

John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” It’s hard being on the receiving end of a great love. Someone lets you be the first in line instead of themselves, someone lets you walk through the door first, someone lets you have the last piece of […]

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God’s Joy

Luke 15:10, “Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Joy has many faces. The new parents celebrate the birth of their first child—indeed, their second and third. The joy on a lover’s face when a man asks her to marry him. The joy on a […]

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Review: Halo – Ghosts of Onyx

Author: Eric Nylund Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 2006 Rating: 3/5 stars Amazon Price: $9.88 Bottom Line If the reader is familiar with Halo: Reach the game, he or she may be aware that Noble team consisted of SPARTAN-IIIs. If the gamer hasn’t read any of the Halo books, this may be confusing to him. Suddenly, out of […]

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Good Grief!

2 Corinthians 7:10, For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death. As he hears some bad news, Charlie Brown exclaims, “Oh, good grief!” We often think of this as an oxymoron. Grief can’t possibly be good! It’s rather ironic that our culture views grief as a bad […]

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The Christian Dispersion

Acts 8:4, Now those who were scattered went about preaching the Word. At this time in Acts, the early Church had grown immensely. After Pentecost, they went from barely any believers to over 3,000 believers who gathered regularly for worship. Things were going well for these early Christians—the apostles were healing and performing other miracles, there […]

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Gathering the Elect

Matthew 24:31, “And He will send out His angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” Have you ever been to a concert? Whether it’s an orchestra, a worship band, or your favourite rock band? I have. Whether it’s a […]

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Review: Halo – New Blood

Author: Matt Forbeck Publisher: Gallery Books, 2015 Rating: 5/5 stars Amazon Price: $9.68 Bottom Line All Halo fans are familiar with Gunnery Sergeant Buck from Halo 3: ODST as well as Halo 5. Yet in Halo 5, it was a shock to us all to see Buck as a SPARTAN-IV. How did he get recruited into the new SPARTAN-IV programme? Well, Buck tells us that […]

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When God Answers in Questions

Job 38:4, “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding.” God answering Job in his misery is my favourite section in the book. Like us, Job was asking why he was suffering and was demanding that God answer him. So, finally, God answers him, but not with […]

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Review: Halo Evolutions – Essential Tales of the Halo Universe (Volumes I & II)

Author: Various authors Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 2009 Rating: 5/5 stars Amazon Price: $11.39 Bottom Line Halo Evolutions is a collection of 11 short stories that gives the reader further insight into the Halo lore. Each story is highly well written and each ends in a way that the reader does not expect, or even desire. When reading a […]

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God Doesn’t Owe You Anything

Job 41:11, “Who has first given to Me, that I should repay him? Whatever is under the whole heaven is Mine.” Does the title of this article offend you? Good. Now I have your attention. I’m not a pastor yet, but in my studies and ministry training I’ve led several people to faith, encouraged brothers and […]

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