Memoirs of A Pastor: Entry 73

*I have decided to share a choice few entries of my memoir.*

April 17, 2017; 2124 hours

I don’t think many people my age think much about marriage and children. Why get married? Why have children? Because it’s popular in society? Because it’s fashionable? That’s how it appears to me. Those my age are getting married and having children without giving much thought to it. It is no wonder why so many marriages fail and why there are so many terrible parents. My own desire for a wife is to illustrate to others what God’s family looks like. In Hosea God likens His relationship with Israel to that which is shared between a husband and a wife, in spite of her spiritual adultery. Paul continues this image in his epistles. I desire a wife to shower His love upon—the love He has given me, as well as showing others what God’s love looks like. My desire for children is to put my hope in God that they will grow to become faithful children of God who advance His kingdom.

Why bring children into this dark, sinful world? Because it needs God’s Light—His mercy and grace given in the Gospel of Christ. When parents raise their children in the Gospel and put their hope in the Lord, God is faithful to use our baptised children to advance His kingdom. How can we expect the darkness to be illumined if we do not raise our children in the Light and place our hope—our trust—in the Light who enlightens such dark souls of His own gracious will, who uses His people who have already been changed by His Light to spread His love? God graciously blesses us with children as gifts to advance His kingdom through His means of grace found in His Church—God’s holy family.


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