Memoirs of A Pastor: Entry 64

*I have decided to share a choice few entries of my memoir.*

November 21, 2016; 1200 hours

It is essential that I, and every other Christian, view God as our Father. It is not until Jesus walked among us that God as our Father was fully realised. In Christ reconciliation is made with our heavenly Father. He is no longer lawful judge to me but merciful judge—gracious Father. I am fortunate enough to have a good earthly father whose character helps me to fathom the character of my greater Father. Others are not as blessed as I am, so let me tell you about my Father.

When my earthly father heard my first words, he received joy. My heavenly Father, however, heard those words first. If my earthly father had such joy, how much more joy my heavenly Father must have had. A greater joy, still, my Father experienced when He embraced me as His child like a prodigal son. As my earthly father experienced joy at my birth, how much greater joy my heavenly Father must have had in my Baptismal rebirth. When my earthly father is saddened by my sorrows, my heavenly Father cries tears that fill oceans. My father disciplined me as his son to be a man. My heavenly Father chastens me when necessary for spiritual discipline (Hebrews 12:6), and for self-control. When I do wrong, my father admonishes my foolishness as my heavenly Father freely forgives as I genuinely repent.


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