Memoirs of A Pastor: Entry 22

*I have decided to share a choice few entries of my memoir.*

June 12, 2016; 1512 hours

Isaiah 43:4, “Because you are precious in My eyes, and honoured, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.”

The demise of our enemies is not because God’s people are somehow worthy or better than they are. It is the nature of God to choose and love that which is despised by the world and exalt it through His crucified and risen Son. God killed lives to save His people; He let the world kill His Son to save us—to save me. Because God has taken lives, the world calls Him unjust, unfair, and even evil. They get angry when He seemingly does nothing against evil, and get even more angry when He kills evil people and nations. Such a response is idiotic. It is true, however, that God is unfair. We deserve condemnation and to face God’s wrath, but He sent His only Son to die for us as the propitiation for our sins. It would’ve been totally fair of Him to destroy His creation or let us fall into our inevitable damnation to Hell. Instead, He saved us at no cost of ours. So yes, God is unfair, to which I am grateful.

And so God’s words to the people of Israel in Isaiah 43:4 is a summary of His love story. We are precious to Him, and He loves us with His very heart. He loves us so much that He’s killed evil for us and sent His very heart—His only Son—to die for us.


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