Non-Denominational Church Apologises After A Creed Was Found On Its Website

PLYMOUTH, MI—The Rock Christian Church recently sent out a newsletter to its congregation members apologising for posting the Apostles’ Creed on its church information page, “What Do We Believe?” Church members expressed their outrage after the pastor announced the church website had been updated.

“As a non-denominational church, we don’t believe in creeds for fear of committing to any actual biblical doctrines,” Pastor Dale Johnson commented. “It even says so in our church constitution.” In the church-wide e-mail, he apologised for not consulting the Council of Elders before posting any doctrinal creeds to the website.

Oddly, no one has the decency to point out that it is a creed to say one does not believe in creeds, as well as the irony of having a church constitution is to have a creed. It is a wonder how any church can function without a creed drawn from Scripture, such as the beauteous Nicene Creed, that faithfully testifies the Christian faith with the purpose of ruling out heresy and a basic confession of the faith.

This is a satire.

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