Memoirs of A Pastor: Entry 9

*I have decided to share a choice few entries of my memoir.*

December 26, 2015; 2227 hours

I don’t normally entertain such puerile beliefs in fate or luck, or anything else from among the host of superstitions many cling to, but I am incredibly “lucky,” or fortunate, to be where I am today. No, not fortunate—blessed. God seeks to bless me even though I sin continuously, and it just adds to my guilt. Here I am, a miserable sinner, undeserving of any prosperity, and yet He continues to bless me in spite of my disobedience. Though I am contrite in all my sins, and yet continue to sin anyway, He still sees it fit to bless me and protect me. I am unworthy of such blessings and protection. The mercy of God is unfathomable, thus He is the greatest Enigma.


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