Better (Not) Call Saul

Most of us Christians are familiar with King Saul in the Bible. As the Israelites rejected God as their true King, God gave them Saul as the first king of Israel. King Saul’s reign shows how some of us are not so different than him. The Israelites desired a human king in order to be like […]

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A Good Samaritan at the 2016 Olympics

During the 5,000 meter qualifier for the 2016 Olympics in Rio on August 16, New Zealand racer Nikki Hamblin fell during the race while tripping another runner, Abbey D’Agostino from the United States. After recovering, it was expected that D’Agostino would continue running, but instead of doing the expected, she helped Hamblin recover instead. They […]

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A Simple Guide to Prayer

Prayer doesn’t always come easily. When we’re at a Bible study or some other kind of Christian fellowship gathering and somebody asks us to pray, we panic. We have no idea what to say. “I didn’t have time to prepare,” we might think to ourselves. Then we begin stumbling over our words with a lot […]

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Why Am I A Christian?

Christianity is arguably one of the largest religions in the world. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different religions. Because of this, many hold the cultural relativistic view that all religions are right. All that matters is what’s right for you, whether that be Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, or atheism. Religious people of all religions are often […]

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